Can this Car Plantation method really reduce the air pollution?

At a time when Delhi and other parts of North India are choking of ‘severe’ air pollution, two young Delhi residents have come up with an interesting solution. With the government and other agencies struggling to find solutions and getting rapped by the National Green Tribunal, two Delhi professionals – Bhuvnesh (Gaurav) Ahuja and Khushbu Rastogi – have come up with the concept of cars going green. It’s not about CNG or electric cars, but plants on cars.

A year ago, Gaurav and Khushbu started ‘Green Gaddi’ . They offer to carry out plantation on the rooftop of cars. They have a website called, where they tell people how they can get their cars converted to environment-friendly cars by planting trees on them.

“We have developed our own solution to make plants sustain in the tough situations over the roof top of any vehicle and our research team has devoted much of time, energy, talent, and knowledge to bring this sustainable solution,” their website says.

They also drive by their Innova car, which they have converted into a ‘green gaddi’, on the roads of Delhi NCR to promote the concept of car plantation. “Team GreenGaddi advocates the solution alongside the deletion of reasons. We promote the concept of eco driving whether it is driving eco-friendly low emission vehicles or follow green driving concepts,” they say on their website.

Can Green Gaddi with the moving garden concept offer a better solution?

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