5.7 Cr Indians Are Dependent On Alcohol & Need Urgent Treatment, According To A Govt. Survey

In a worrisome revelation by a government survey that was carried out in all the 36 states and union territories, it was found that an estimated 5.7 crore people require treatment for alcohol dependency, 72 lakh individuals for cannabis use, 60 lakh for opioids and 11 lakh for sedatives. The findings were a part of the ‘Magnitude of Substance […]

Smartphone Addiction – How to overcome it?

Addiction is described as excessive usage or over doing any thing. It can be excessive intaking of drugs, Alcohol, Cocaine, Tobacco or usage of Smartphones etc.Here I will discuss Smartphone Addiction. We use smartphones everyday we assure them as part of our life. Smartphones have added much capability and functionality to our life by getting […]

Board Examinations Alert!

It is pressure time for the students of 10th and 12th standard as the board examinations are approaching. CBSE declared the examination dates for 10th and 12th standard  as 21 February and 15 February respectively.The ICSE board examinations for 10th standard are starting from 22nd February. As the dates are coming near, the pressure on […]

Who are Askholes? How to beat them in their own game?

What does the word Askhole mean? Askhole is a slang term that internet coined a little while ago. You can guess, that it’s the conjunction of two of two rather unflattering adjectives. Ask + Asshole = ‘AskHole’ Who is an Askhole? Urban Dictionary defines, Askhole as A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet […]