Inauguration of Smart Pole – A Smart Initiative by KEC

KEC International Ltd. a global infrastructure EPC major, an RPG Group Company, has deployed a Smart Pole for the Ludhiana Smart City project.

As a part of a new age solution demonstration, KEC has deployed the first, state-of-the-art Smart Pole at Kipps Market, Ludhiana. The Smart Pole has unique offerings; it is an integrated solution stack with surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi, digital display, environmental sensor, etc. Catering to the metros and tier-two cities, the Smart Pole would be an integral part of Indian cities, enhancing services to citizens, while also improving the aesthetics of the city.

The Smart Pole has been installed by KEC’s newest business vertical, RPG Smart Infra, which provides innovative solutions in the areas of Smart Cities, Urban Mobility, and Smart Grids. The business has recently secured two major orders, one brownfield and one Greenfield smart city in Maharashtra.

The Smart Pole, an innovation by the RPG Group is a key contribution to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. This next-gen, multifunction pole has been designed and manufactured by Raychem RPG, a key energy solutions provider, also from the RPG Group.

Mr. Vimal Kejriwal – MD & CEO, KEC International Ltd. commented, “India is migrating towards Smarter cities with the implementation of new age technologies in utilities, traffic management, surveillance, mobility, etc. We launched our latest venture, Smart Infra to provide innovative & intelligent solutions in these areas and assist our cities in their transformation to a ‘Smart City’. The installation of the Smart Pole in Ludhiana is one such initiative by the Company.

We are confident that the Smart Infra business, over a period of time will become a significant part of KEC’s overall business portfolio.”

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