Know the great side of Babbu Maan

Tejinder Singh Maan aka Babbu Maan is a name which needs no introduction when it comes to Punjabi cinema and music.

Coming from a humble background, Maan made his mark in the industry with his unique sense of music. Babbu Maan further paved his way into the hearts of audience through his social work and demeanor.

He once said that contrary to our beliefs, values are inculcated within us right during our childhood, it’s just the implementation part that takes place during our adulthood.

Maan runs a charitable organisation by the name ‘One Hope, One Chance’. The operations of his organization have expanded in my many parts of rural Punjab, and its further expansion is on the cards. The organization basically adopts disadvantaged families of farmers who have committed suicide and looks after their needs. The primary focus of this organisation is on providing education, health and food security to the abovementioned. The Punjabi star calls out to everyone to understand the need of collective social responsibility for the success of such initiatives as such initiatives require a huge amount of resources, which is probably tough for a single person to cope with.

With so much on his platter, how does Maan manage to stay grounded?

In an interview, Babbu had once said, “It is quite difficult to figure out whether the time has evolved or we. I stay grounded because I haven’t evolved. At the bottom of my heart, I am still a simple-hearted villager who rose from poverty. Maybe that’s the reason why I am so grounded.”

His take on modern technology – In today’s information and technology era, though the world has shrunk into a portable device, through which one can access information and people at distant places within no time, but on the contrary somewhere deep down the heart each and every person is lonely in spite of having so many people in their friend list.

You too can make a difference as this Punjabi music veteran. Do spread a word.


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