Now delete messages on Whatsapp even after 13 hours of sending

WhatsApp has reportedly announced an increase in the time limit of its ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature.

This ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature is fairly new and initially gave us a window of just a few minutes to delete an already sent text. But now they have increased it to 13 hours, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

So, basically, you don’t have to worry about those drunk texts anymore.

But the twist here is that the request for deleting the text won’t be approved if the message hasn’t reached the phone yet due to any reason.

If you send a message to someone whose phone is switched off and doesn’t switch on before the time limit runs out, the message cannot be deleted.

According to the report, WhatsApp has introduced this because earlier, users were modifying their app to increase the time limit.

Risky texts don’t sound so risky anymore since we’ll have ample time to get rid of them, granted the person has not already read them.

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