Smartphone Addiction – How to overcome it?

Addiction is described as excessive usage or over doing any thing. It can be excessive intaking of drugs, Alcohol, Cocaine, Tobacco or usage of Smartphones etc.Here I will discuss Smartphone Addiction.

We use smartphones everyday we assure them as part of our life. Smartphones have added much capability and functionality to our life by getting things done while on the go, but are we using them in a way that is not healthy to the point of addiction.

Impact on Children below 10 years

Children are addicted to games in Smartphones.They continuously playing games for several hours
They are so much addicted to games that if someone snatches smartphone from them they start crying. And become aggressive.

Impact on Teenagers

Teenagers spend more time on social media or playing games .They continuously check texts, emails, news feeds, websites, or apps
Some of them are so much addicted to Snapchat and Instagram stories.They put snapchat stories while doing any action e.g hangout with friends, eating, driving, selfies etc.which causes distraction from work. While driving using phone to update stories are now trending on social media especially Snapchat and Instagram which are more accident prone .Even taking selfies to post they online has taken many lives.

Effects of Smartphone Addiction

Weak Eyesight.
Diminish ability to concentrate and think deeply.
Disturbing your sleep.

Steps to cure Smartphone Addiction

Set certain time to check your phone.
Customize notification on your phone.
Spending time with your family instead off engaging with the phone.
Engage yourself in other activities like Dancing, Swimming, Gyming etc.

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