Sunny Malton Slaps Fiancee At Engagement, Gets beaten By Her Brothers!

It was just yesterday when Punjabi artist Sunny Malton got hitched with his best friend Praveen. The beautiful picture of the couple was still fresh in our minds until we heard a shocking incident that happened in the same party.

According to sources, while the invitees were busy celebrating the couple’s engagement party and Sunny’s fiancee Parveen was shaking a leg on the dance floor, he walked up to her and slapped her in front of the gathering. It took no amount of time for this brawl to become big and ugly. Soon Praveen’s brothers got involved as they saw what had just happened. The fight turned worse when Sunny got smashed by the brothers. The function turned into a big mess until the cops barged in. As soon the cops showed up, they sprayed pepper sprays on everyone and threw each one out of the wedding venue, be it guests or relatives!

A source revealed that all this happened because Sunny got to know that Praveen was involved with another guy. Praveen’s drunk cousin went to Sunny and gave out some shady details about Praveen and the guy. Some of their mutual friends also instigated Sunny against Praveen by telling him about her relationship with other men. In full rage, Sunny went to the dance floor and slapped Praveen in front of the massive gathering. The families got involved, though Sunny’s family stood by his side, Praveen’s enraged brothers blew them away for hitting their sister. Praveen later admitted that wasn’t the first time that Sunny had been violent.

Sunny and Praveen were together since High School and even had a mutual group of friends. Everyone wanted this love-soaked couple to be together officially but the ill talk spoiled it all for this relationship.

How gross and inhuman of this singer to indulge in domestic violence. No matter what the situation was Sunny shouldn’t have slapped the girl. Nothing justifies Domestic Violence.

In this era when everything gets captured on the phone cameras, even this incident was recorded by those present at the venue and was posted online. Videos in which Praveen’s brothers are knocking Sunny down are being reposted and people are shamming him. Everyone is posting hate comments for Sunny as he did one of the worst things ever.

Sadly, the engagement was soon broken off by Praveen’s family. Sunny later kept calling them but nobody reverted to his calls. This is a really sad – shameful event that has taken place. The couple has even removed their pictures together and made their accounts private.

What a bad ending to a couple which was together since so long but hey…what if this continued for the girl even after she got married?

But again, infidelity also has no place in a relationship right!


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