Is Tik Tok The New way For A Successful Punjabi Song??

Recently, ‘Coka’ by SukhE hit 50 million views on Youtube and that too within 25 days of it’s release. Now that’s a huge achievement for a regional song. Let’s not deny the fact that other songs also make it big but let’s also not forget the fact that the song was released under the banner of DM – Desi Melodies which is a relatively new music company.

So, what might have gone well for the Coka makers? Well, it was how they advertised their song. In the teaser of the song, released a week before it, the makers asked the viewers to upload Tik Tok videos using the sound clip from the teaser which they promised to feature in the music video of the song. Now that is a clever move. But how?

Well, there is no denying the fact that Tik Tok is a rage nowadays. People are going crazy making Tik Tok videos while others are going crazy over watching those videos. There are a lot of video makers on Tik Tok who have made it big in terms of reaching the audience.

So, when people started making Tik Tok on Coka, the trend was picked up by the famous Tik Tokers and that definitely helped the song reach the masses. And that has been the case for a lot of Punjabi songs. Songs like Nira Ishq, Nikale Current, Sakhiyaan, Lamberghini and a lot more have become famous due to Tik Tok. Punjabi music is not just famous amongst the Punjabis now, but it is also being liked equally all over India.

Now here I do not say that the songs are not worthy. But good talent needs a good promotion and that is what Tik Tok has been doing for our Punjabi music. A lot of our Punjabi singers are now on Tik Tok. Jassie Gill, Guri, Jass Manak, they all have accounts on the app and have a lot of followers there. They are making Tik Tok on their own songs as well as on others. Also, they are collaborating with famous Tik Tokers to reach their audiences. Now that’s fun with promotions. I mean why not!!


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