Two NIFT Students Are Earning Crores Within 2 Years By Selling T-Shirts

E-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon have opened gates for those who want to do something on their own. Being NIFT students Praween KR and Sindhuja K always had interest in the fashion industry but they had no clue about how to convert this interest as a profession. In the year 2015 when e-commerce websites had started to show what they are capable of, these two started to sell clothes online on Flipkart, Amazon India by making their own fashion brand: Young Trendz. The duo knew their target customers from the beginning, so in the earlier days, they only made clothes for the young generation of India with an investment of Rs 10 lakh.

Young Trenz was able to get as low as 10 orders a day in the starting days but the decision of collaborating with the famous colleges of the country including the IITs and IIMs made them popular.

Another idea that changed the fate for this startup was introducing the concept of couple clothing in Indian market which was already a popular trend in the Chinese and Korean markets. During the Valentine week in 2016, they started by selling a limited stock of couple clothing which now comprises 20% of their total sales today.
Along with keeping good quality in the trendy clothes, they knew that price is a big factor to achieve success in Indian market that is the reason that they sell most of the items in the price range of Rs 250 to Rs 600.

“There’s actually more responsibility involved in starting a business versus having a regular job. You must relentlessly chase perfection. You have to be able to adapt to crazy, unexpected things,” Sindhuja, co-founder of Young Trendz says.

After achieving success on online websites they are also planning to expand the business with offline stores in 2018. The road to this success was not a straight one as they had to learn a lot about business, ever-changing fashion and trends and psychology of buyers.

Young Trenz has a total turnover of about Rs 20 Crore which is 4 times more than the last year. With the hard work that they have done in last 2 years, we can say that they deserve what they are achieving now.


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