Unique Fan Fasted For 3 Years To Meet this Punjabi Singer!

Fans do idolize their stars but not very often do such ardent fans get lucky. While some wait for an entire lifetime to shake their idol’s hand, there are also those who get an opportunity to meet their favorite, that too in person.

Sounds lucky right!

A recent incident happened when a fan girl met singer Akhil during his live show.  The Khaab singer looked overwhelmed when he met this particular fan. The girl was in tears and just wanted to touch Akhil once. As she touched his hands, tears rolled out of her eyes.

Akhil bowed down to the fan in respect but he couldn’t help but get emotional himself after seeing the tears of joy of his fan.

The girl confessed that she loves binging on ice cream, chocolates, and cold coffee but since three years she  has been fasting and hoping that she’d meet Akhil at least once in a lifetime.

Seems like her prayers got answered because not only did she meet her favorite but the singer also called for a chocolate and said that they would have it together to break her 3 years long fast. In this fan moment, he sang Khaab which was the girl’s favorite track.


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