Ads coming to WhatsApp soon : Get ready

Facebook has confirmed that the ads will start appearing in 2020. However, no exact timeline has been shared about the same.

It’s official, ads are coming to WhatsApp. This was revealed at the recent Facebook Marketing Summit held in Netherlands. Several slides shown at the event confirm that Facebook is set to monetise the world’s most-popular messaging app. These slides have reportedly been photographed by Olivier Ponteville, head of media at ‘Be Connect’ digital marketing agency. In October 2018 too, a Facebook official had said that the company plans to start showing ads. However, no timeline was confirmed for the same. Here’s all that we know so far about ads coming to WhatsApp so far.

In October last year, Facebook executive Chris Daniels had said that the ads would be the service’s “primary monetisation mode for the company”.

Facebook seems to have zeroed on WhatsApp Status as the place to show ads. WhatsApp Status is the messaging platform’s answer to Instagram Stories.

Just like the other content, ads in WhatsApp will take up your smartphpne’s whole screen. WhatsApp users will have to swipe up on them to find out more information.

 So far it appears that those users who don’t really use WhatsApp Status need not worry about ads coming to the platform. For, they will not see ads at all.

They will work quite like Instagram Stories. Users will have to swipe up to open a promotional page or website associated with the ad.

 According to a report in NewYork Times earlier this year, Facebook is planning to to integrate its messaging services — WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. According to the report, while the services will continue to operate as stand-alone apps, their underlying technical infrastructure will be unified.

Post Author: saadaludhiana