Apple Fined $2 Million For Selling iPhone 12 Without Charger In Brazil

Apple’s decision to keep the charger out of the iPhone 12 box has angered the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. According to Tilt and Mac Rumours, Apple was approximately fined $1.92 million US by the consumer protection agency Procon-SP for withdrawing the power adapter from the iPhone 12 family and newer manufacturing runs of older iPhones. According to the watchdog, Apple’s actions were in breach of the country’s Consumer Protection Code.


In December, Procon SP informed Apple of the alleged breach. Apple reaffirmed its environmental policy, saying that it would reduce CO2 emissions and rare earth mining. Many customers already had spare chargers, according to the study. However, the agency was obviously unsatisfied with that response. Procon – SP executive director Fernando Capez told Apple that it must follow the Brazillian law when it was issued a fine.


The fine also includes false statements about water resistance. Despite boasting the devices’ ability to withstand prolonged immersion, Apple allegedly refused to repair iPhones that had sustained water damage under warranty.


Though the fine is relatively smaller and it won’t affect Apple‘s financial budget. However, if Apple wishes to continue selling iPhones in Brazil, it will have no choice but to make a concession. Other businesses have also bowed to public pressure. Samsung, for example, has a contract with Procon-SP to provide a “gift” charger with Galaxy S21 pre-orders. Brazil is one of the world’s largest phone markets, and companies that violate the country’s laws risk losing a lot of revenue.