Bigg Boss 14 Runner-Up Rahul Vaidya Got A Gift From Salman Khan

One of the Bigg Boss 14 finalists, singer Rahul Vaidya, is overjoyed to have received a special gift from the host of the show, Salman Khan. Rahul Vaidya recently posted images of himself riding an e-bike, which he said was a gift from the 55-year-old celebrity, on Instagram.


The bike is from Salman Khan’s personal brand, i.e Being Human.


“Finally got my hands on riding the Being Human E-Bike gifted by Salman Khan,” Rahul Vaidya wrote in his post. Sharing his experience, Rahul wrote that the e-bike is the perfect way to get some cardio done outdoors: “The experience is amazing since I love being outdoors and doing cardio.”


On Being Human’s website, the 22kg eco-friendly ride costs Rs 53,999 and a 250W brushless DC motor with a voltage of 36 W is used within the e-bike.


Shefali Bagga, a former Bigg Boss contestant, wrote on Rahul Vaidya’s entry, “Gifted by Salman Sir is a prized possession.”

Salman Khan has always been fascinated by Rahul Vaidya’s sharp mind and game tactics. Salman slammed Rahul for his “lack of excitement, lack of interest in the show” during the mid-season finale. Salman later mocked Rahul for leaving only to return a few days later, calling him a quitter. However, the host of the show always motivated him to play his best role in the show.