Zomato offers cashbacks to customers who predict the next PM

Online food delivering platform Zomato has rolled out a new offer wherein customers need to predict the country’s next prime minister ahead of the final counting on May 23 and win caskbacks on food orders. Called “Zomato Election league”, the offer promises cashbacks to customers who guess the next prime minister correctly, the company said […]

Poor Diets Have Killed More People Than Smoking, High Blood Pressure

Poor diets have killed more people in the world than either smoking, alcohol or high blood pressure have, reveals a new global study published in the international medical journal, The Lancet. It states that in 2017, one in five deaths — a total of 11 million people — were due to diets that lacked enough healthy food. More […]

Why Most Fast-Food Logos Are Red & Yellow?

Have you ever wondered why popular fast=food chains use red and yellow colours on their hoardings and logos? There is a big psychology behind this. According to reports, customers make 60% of their decisions based on colour of the product alone and there are multiple reasons for using different colours. Think about the advertising panels […]

Hotels can charge more for bottled water – SC

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has allowed hotels and restaurants to sell bottled water and other packaged products at above the maximum retail price, saying they also render a service and cannot be governed by the Legal Metrology Act. In a judgement passed on Tuesday on a special leave petition filed by the Federation of […]

McDonalds fooling people! GST impact!

Eating out at restaurants may get cheaper as GST Council’s decision to lower the tax rate to a uniform 5 per cent from 12 per cent on non-AC restaurants and 18 per cent on air-conditioned ones comes into effect on Wednesday. Currently, air-conditioned restaurants levy a charge of 18 per cent on food bill and non-AC […]