IS IT BAD OR GOOD FOR HEALTH? Have you ever heard about roasted green tea! “Tea the cure of everything”. There is nothing more revitalizing than sipping of hot cup of coffee after a long hectic day. A cup of tea makes feel everything better. Interestingly, from the variant varieties of tea and to make […]

If Children Do This Yoga Pose, It’s Excellent For Their Growth

Children can benefit by doing surya namaskar as it can help in inculcating a sense of discipline in them. It can calm their mind, help them get rid of restless energy and also strengthen their bones and joints. Playtime is one of the most important aspects of a child’s healthy growth. And if not playtime, […]

5 Foods Dentists Never Eat and You Should also avoid

Some of the most normal foods could be absolutely awful for your pearly whites and gums. We caught up with top dentists to see which foods they steer clear of—and some are pretty surprising. Popcorn Put down that bowl of microwave popcorn, friends. “Countless number of people come in with cracked teeth from eating half-popped […]

7 Everyday Habits That Could Add 5 Years to Your Life

Looking for the fountain of youth? These healthy activities have been scientifically shown to help you stick around longer. Think positive Could just thinking hopefully about living longer actually make it happen? Maybe, because having a positive attitude about life has been shown to increase it. “Studies show that individuals who practice positive thinking live […]

Transform Your Body In Just 4 Weeks With This Simple Exercise

Being fit is no easy task. It takes determination, motivation, willpower and resilience. One of the hardest parts of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is taking that first step and getting started. Once you cross that hurdle, you’ve accomplished something that most people don’t have the willpower or determination to do. And once you […]

Do not eat at McDonald’s, company warns Customers About Eating At East and North India Outlets

McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd (MIPL) has warned its customers against eating at its outlets in north and east India which are run by Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL). The company announced this because the ingredients used at the restaurants were not in accordance with McDonald’s global standards. CPRL is a joint entity of McDonald’s India (MIPL) […]

9 Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Headaches

These ways are gonna help big time! All of us undergo the throbbing pain in our head sometime or the other. Generally speaking, headaches are your body’s response to physical or emotional stress. That stress can make the muscles in your head and neck contract to create tension. Factors such as physiological changes, cramping of blood […]

Marijuana To Be legalized, to be tabled In Parliament During Winter Session

Dharam Vira Gandhi, Member of Parliament from Patiala, Punjab, has been pushing for the legalisation of marijuana or cannabis. Finally, a private bill will be tabled in the Parliament during the upcoming winter session. He got support from some of his colleagues, including actor-turned-politician and BJP MP from Gurdaspur, Late Vinod Khanna. Gandhi’s bill, which proposes the decriminalisation […]