Chinese New Year food festival at RED restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana

“Gong hei fat choy!” (Wishing you great happiness and prosperity) with Chinese New Year. Here is the chance to celebrate the New Year in 2019 at Rare Eastern Dining (RED) restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana. The hotel is celebrating Chinese New year with food festival offering oriental dishes and drinks from the land of the dragon till February 13 th. The wish tree outside café Delish restaurant is attracting all eyeballs and guests at the hotel are writing wish for their loved ones to get them good luck. The restaurant is decorated with lanterns, heart shape hangings with the message of  love and prosperity. The special menu for celebrating Chinese New Year had been crafted by master chef Mumtaz Ali Ansari and executive chef Amit Thapliyal.  The menu includes soups, vegetables, meat, chicken, seafood, dimsums, lobsters, poultry items and grand desserts.

General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana Abhay Kumar said, “People of Ludhiana are widely travelled and they have good exposure to the international cuisine. He said lot of people in Ludhiana are regular visitors to China for their business dealings and they are excited to celebrate the Chinese New year with their family and friends back here in India. He said, the Chinese New Year, also called Spring festival, is the most important and widely celebrated festival of all in China. He said we at RED restaurant are looking forward to host the Ludhianvis. ”

Master Chef Mumtaz Ali Ansari and Assistant Food and Beverage manager Vijay Upadhyay said,  “This year, the first day of the Chinese new year was on Tuesday, 5th February, initiating the year of the pig.We at Radisson Blu hotel MBD Ludhiana welcome you to savor delicacies from specially curated menu by team of young and talented chefs’s and feel the vibes of celebrating Chinese new year.”

Chef Mumtaz said in soup section one can start with soups that inclused Cantonese double boiled chicken soup, steam broth with slice chicken shiitake and broccoli, Mar lar soup with shrimps, sichuan flavoured spicy soup with shrimp, Bean curd soup with red meat, chicken broth with bean curd red meat and broccoli, Black mushroom and lemon grass soup available in Prawns, Chicken and  Vegetable options.

He said in appetizers one can start with Crispy sautéed lobster with aromatic chilli  , Sautéed BBQ slice fish , Wasabi prawns , crispy fried prawns marinated in wasabi, Bar be que marinated spare ribs ,  Congee lamb , specialty of house crispy baby lamb julienne, spicy and sweet sauce, sesame seeds on crisp endive, Salt and pepper , Prawns, Slice fish, Spare ribs,  Crispy seafood with chilli and spring onion.

Chef said there are lot of options with Prawns, Slice fish, Squids, Crispy lamb with honey chilli sauce (nv),  Chongqing style chicken and dry Chili (nv), specialty from sichuan spicy crispy chicken, Crispy honey chilli chicken (nv) ,Mar lar spicy chicken (nv), Golden mushrooms with fragrant salt and pepper, crispy fried mushroom with pimentos, Tofu hunan style, tofu wok fried with ginger and chili paste, Lotus stems kung pao style lotus stem with peanuts and sweet and spicy sauce

He said Dim Sums lovers can have Fried prawns wonton, Crystal dumplings, Prawns , Chicken and Vegetable. He said  sea food lovers can have Main Course  with Lobster with chilli oyster sauce stir fried lobster with capsicum and chilli oyster sauce, Wok tossed prawn with XO ,  Singaporean chilli prawn  , Steamed fresh red snapper with choice of sauces and Pan fried fish with chef special sauce.

He said the one who loves to have  meat can tickle there taste buds with Slice lamb with ginger and spring onion, Cantonese honey roasted pork, Pork mapo tofu, steamed and stir fried pork with sweet and spicy sauce, Beijing style shredded lamb.

Vijay Upadhyay said in Poultry food the Stir fried duck with sichuan pepper sauce, Wok tossed chicken with chef special sauce , Steamed chicken with lemon chili sauce and Chicken in XO sauce. He said in the vegetarian section water chestnut asparagus and french beans in yellow bean sauce, Kou-san tofu with shiitake and pok choy.

He said the rice and noodle section dishes including Yum chow fried rice, house specialty fried rice with prawns, egg, chicken and scallion, Chicken fried rice with XO, Vegetables chilli garlic noodle, Singaporean wok fried noodle, Pan fried noodles will also be available.

The Dessert is must to complete the meal and to mark new year celebrations once can have Honey darsan, Date pancakes, Assorted ice creams, vanilla/butter scotch and Fresh fruit platter specially crafted for food festival.