HAPPINESS IS SECRET TO BEAUTY – There is no beauty without happiness

Katarina Blom is a psychologist, who function with organizations and is a coach of teaching skills of happiness. She believes that the positive working and etiquettes are the key factors of well- being.

“Happiness in our life depends on how we think, it depends on quality of our thoughts, so think happy and positive thoughts”. – Katarina Blom

In her TED talk, she tells some secret of happiness to her audience.

 “Happiness is a skill we all can train and work on; I want this to start here: it’s not just about positive thinking,” says Blom.   She questions her audience that “have you meet with the situation, where you find yourself in a circumstances, of worrying about something and you keep on thinking about it, even though knowing the fact that worrying much won’t help you in changing the situation but nevertheless you keep on worrying? The thoughts in our mind appears to be automatic, they have their own life, but if you want to overcome this situation then you have start thinking positive at every situation. I know it’s difficult but not next to impossible. Now we should start talking about this that how we can take positive acts to make our life happy and beautiful?”

“Well-being is better built by positive action and not positive thinking,” she says.

“The more you converts your thoughts into actions by being caring and positive not only towards others but also towards yourself. I think that others will follow your example and do as you do,” she concludes.  

Post Author: saadaludhiana