This heroine was selected in the Army!

Mahie Gill stepped into Punjabi film industry with  Babbu Maan film ‘Hawayein’, never really wanted to become an actor. The actress, in a recent interview, said that she was selected in the army and wanted to join the armed forces rather than getting into the acting line.

Mahie Gill’s grandfather was in the army and her mother, though a lecturer in a college, was also a major with NCC. They had a disciplined lifestyle and during the time when Mahie got selected for the army, not many girls used to opt for this career. Out of the total of 16 selected candidates from Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal, and Haryana, Mahie was one. She confessed that her signaling was weak and accepts that even today she isn’t very good with gadgets.

So, while training at the OTA, there was a competition and Mahie was among the two last standing contenders for the position. The question they were asked was, ‘If you are to fight Pakistan or some enemy, would you solve it by means of peace or using guns?’ The other girl naively said, ‘I would like to initiate peace.’ And I said, ‘I will fire the gun’. They said ‘Alright, if you want to initiate peace, head to a beauty pageant. And if you want to fight, then come with us.’ That’s how she was selected.


Post Author: saadaludhiana