Instagram Gets New Live Feature: Here’s How It Works

The world-famous social network app, Instagram added a new live feature on Monday. This new update will let 4 users go live at one time. For instance, if you decide to go live on Instagram, you can add 3 more people with you. The previous version of Instagram allowed only 1 person to join the live chat which has now tripled the limit.

This was a great improvement to their app as users have been waiting for such an update for quite some time.

Aside from that, the app’s developers have also included a feature that allows live viewers to buy badges for their favorite creators’ live shows. They’ve also introduced the option to use social tools such as shopping and live fundraising. The developers have been actively planning to improve their app. As a consequence, we can foresee a range of new features in the app with future updates.


How To Start A Live Room On Instagram?

To start a live room, you must follow these easy steps;

  • Swipe left on your Instagram account and choose the live camera option.
  • Then add a title and tap the room icon to add your guests.
  • You will then see requests from other users who want to go live with you.
  • You can also add any person manually by searching his name.
  • After adding the users, once the session will start, you will remain on the top of the screen as you are the broadcaster of your room.


So have you checked the new feature of Instagram? Whose live request will you accept to enter in your new live room?