Introducing LED Inverter Bulb by NV Lights Industries

NV Lights Industries, India’s most innovative power solutions brand, to light up your world with brilliant LED lighting and fan solutions . Their top mission is “Every house in India should be illuminated” . Keeping the mission in mind, company have launched the Led Inverter bulb, which is where the electricity is in the problem, the poor people who can not take the inverter, they will be able to use this bulb, even if they are slightly charged, the bulb for up to 4 hours Will light their houses.

NV Lights Industries is one of the leading lighting manufacturing companies in India. The world’s most innovative power solutions brand,to light up your world with brilliant LED lighting and fan solutions. The company have a broad product range encompassing LED Lighting, Led Inverter bulb, Led Inverter T-bulb, Led Inverter Concealed Light and LED Inverter Fan.

Company’s Mission is improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Their experience in lighting helps them deliver maximum value to their customers through quality products. With an aim to be on the forefront of lighting technology, NV Lights make and deliver the best for customers.

Benefits of NV Lights Industries products

Energy Efficient Bulb Made of quality LED which consumes extremely low power. It not only saves energy but also protects the environment, thus an energy efficient bulb for one and all saving huge costs on electricity consumption. As a homeowner, you can save energy costs that make up a significant portion of your recurring monthly expenses. Furthermore, the return you pocket through savings will only increase over time as energy prices continue to rise in the nation.

LED Inverter Bulbs has built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide light during a power outage upto 4 hours. The charging time of the bulb is 5-10 hours. Once Battery is fully charged the current stops and protects your battery from overcharging. Built with quality materials and circuitry to keep your home safe. You don’t have to spend a single penny on their products till its warranty period of 6 months or 1 year thus making the products practically Zero Maintenance. They replace the product if any problem arises in the warranty period.

The LED Inverter bulb is able to maximize its brightness immediately when powered on, there’s no waiting time required. It comes filtered with no difficulty or strain on the eyes of the user and has zero Carbon Emission with no use of mercury. You will use a significantly less amount of energy with the Eco friendly products than you will with its counterpart products available in the market. You can be assured using the products that you are helping the environment keep clean and green said Narinder Vij, MD of NV Lights Industries.

You can use the products in any of the earlier or new lighting products thus utilizing the universal design of LED Inverter Bulb/T-Bulb for your ease. You can contact the company representative at 9115119110 for any information regarding the products or bulk orders.


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