Ludhiana Police Issuing Heavy Challans On Underage Driving

After the incident of a 17 year-old-boy crushing his car over a 10 year-old-boy in Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana, the city police have become strict over underage driving.


Joint Commissioner of police (city and traffic) Deepak Pareek said that the traffic police had recently launched a campaign against underage driving, issuing 150 challans and imprisoning over 100 vehicles, including motorcycles and cars. Furthermore, police also said that action can also be taken against the parents of the repeat offenders.


Following the orders of the Joint Commissioner of Ludhiana, police have been issuing hefty challans on minors, i.e below 18 years of age. Their vehicles are being bound by the police, asking them to pay the challan amount of up to rs 25000.

This is the first time when such a heavy amount is levied on underage driving. All this needs to be done to control the major accidents in the city.