Do not eat at McDonald’s, company warns Customers About Eating At East and North India Outlets

McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd (MIPL) has warned its customers against eating at its outlets in north and east India which are run by Connaught Plaza Restaurants (CPRL). The company announced this because the ingredients used at the restaurants were not in accordance with McDonald’s global standards. CPRL is a joint entity of McDonald’s India (MIPL) and Vikram Bakshi. CPRL operates 160 branches across east and north India, 84 of which were closed earlier this week.

“Since the termination of the franchise agreements, McDonald’s India has not been able to verify if the unauthorized McDonald’s restaurants operated by CPRL are complying with applicable McDonald’s standards, including those pertaining to supplies, operations and safety standards and quality required for McDonald’s products,” a McDonald’s India spokesperson said.

McDonald’s India had discontinued its contract with CPRL on August 21, according to which Bakshi was supposed not to use McDonald’s name, trademarks, designs, and food recipes and specifications from 6 September 2017. But, Bakshi is operating these restaurants continuously without any changes.

“Food quality and safety are affected by all facets of the supply chain, from raw material sourcing and production to manufacturing to restaurant handling and preparation. Transportation and storage are critical links in the process. The unknown distribution centre is not approved to supply within the McDonald’s system,” Mcdonald’s India added.

The popular food chain company has announced this warning in response to CPRL’s statement that says that it had partnered with a new logistics company ColdEX Logistics, after Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Ltd, its original logistics partner, had discontinued supplying goods which lead to the closure of 84 restaurants. McDonald’s had disagreed with this and said that a new unknown logistics partner is presently managing its distribution network for all restaurants.

Mcdonald’s and CPRL are having disputes since 2013, while MIPL has challenged the quality of food at CPRL stores, Bakshi has blamed McDonald’s for not listening to CPRL in the past.

All outlets of Ludhiana has also been shut down.


Post Author: saadaludhiana