Vidya Balan Opens Up About Her Weight: Says It Became National Issue

Without any doubt, Vidya Balan is the most versatile and talented Bollywood actresses of the present time who has crossed all stereotypes which says that lead actresses should be thin and fit.

She recently spoke about her experience of body shaming and how she dealt with it in an interview with a major newspaper.



Vidya said that she was fat her whole life and it took her time to accept her body. She also said that as she comes from a family which is not linked to films, there was no one to guide her and that her weight would become a topic of national discussion.


“The Dirty Picture” actor claims that her weight fluctuates even now, and she has seen a lot in her life. Vidya Balan adds she has been suffering from hormone problems all of her life and she hates her body because she bloats and feels annoyed and frustrated when she needs to look her best.


The “Mission Mangal” starrer said that with time she has accepted her body and that her body holds great importance for her as, without her body, she will not be alive. She goes on to say that, after having been through a lot, she is grateful for her body and has begun to love and embrace herself as she is, despite the fact that it was not easy at first.


Vidya Balan also makes it clear that she no longer cares about what people think of her appearance, body weight, fatty arms, etc. She concludes by saying that not much should be expected from people as they don’t understand you when a girl grows up as fat.


Well, that is extremely correct and Vidya should be applauded for coming out as a stronger person, fighting every girl issue that she had!

Indeed, self-love is the key to everything!