Why Shweta Is Taking A Toll Over The Internet?

Just when the internet users were about to take a step back from another meme- “pawrii ho rhi h”, another meme came up on their social media. This time too it’s a girl, named Shweta, who unknowingly took a storm over Twitter and other social media accounts. From jokes to memes, this #shweta came on the top trending position in India, leaving all the other hashtags aside.

If you are still wondering who is Shweta? And why is she trending? Here’s your answer:

So a girl named Shweta was having a private conversation over the phone with one of her friends- Radhika. During her entire conversation, she forgot to turn off her mic of the zoom meeting which she was attending online along with 111 other students.

Now as the mic was on, all the 111 students ended up listening to their entire conversation- about a boy’s private life. Fellow students even asked her to turn off her mic, but Shweta was busy gossiping with her friend.

In her viral audio zoom meeting, she was heard saying that the guy-  named Pandit didn’t even discuss his thing with his best friend, to which, a fellow student quipped: “Ab ye 111 logo ko pata chal gaya hai (Now, 111 people have heard of it).”

The leaked audio call triggered the meme fest online and the entire social media- from Twitter to youtube began to share memes to poke fun at the girl’s gaffe. Many of the internet users also said that in every Zoom call, there is always a Shweta who inadvertently gives out all the secrets.


Watch the epic video here:


Post Author: saadaludhiana