This young boy of Ludhiana is earning crores and is just 22 years old

This young lad from Ludhiana who failed in 8th standard didn’t even thought of working for CBI and Reliance Industries in this age. Yes, you read that right, he is just 22 and already providing his services for the Government and top MNC’s.

His name is Trishnit Arora who hails from Ludhiana and is currently working in Mumbai. He did not study much in his childhood which made his parents pretty tense. He had interest only in computers. He used to crack the hardest of passwords within seconds. He made his mind to be a professional hacker and started training for it. He started a company in the age of 21 namely TCS Securities.

He is working to strengthen the networking systems and is already providing his services to CBI, Reliance, Amul, Gujrat police and Punjab Police. He got several awards and accolades for such an amazing work. Ludhiana is proud of its people.

Team Saada Ludhiana